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Top 10 Insurtech Startups in Europe - 2020

Digitlisation has brought in a sweeping cauldron of changes in variegated domains, and the insurance sector is no exception. In the wake of premium technologies such as AI, IoT, big data, and many more, consumers’ behavior has changed. And to stay relevant amidst the drastic transitions, the insurtech startups are revamping their game. Today, insurtech managers are adopting machine-learning driven predictive analytics to determine the risk of their claims, anticipate any upcoming market changes, and better understand their target audience.

Besides, insurtech companies are also relying on AI to improvise their underwriting processes by eliminating unnecessary elements. Several insurtech startups are also taking their solutions and services to the air by incorporating drones across many stages of their insurance lifecycle. From collecting data to calculating risks before issuing a policy, aiding preventive maintenance to assessing damage following a loss, drones are gradually becoming the insurer’s best friend.

In order to assist companies in the insurance realm in shoring up their capabilities, we have compiled this issue of Insurance CIO Outlook. In this edition, we have listed the top 10 insurtech startups in Europe 2020 to highlight the firms that can help you escalate your chances of success. Equipped with innovative technological capabilities, these enlisted insurtech startups are transforming the insurance landscape at the cloverleaf of various disruptive technologies. Besides, the magazine comprises insights from subject-matter experts, CIOs, and CXOs in the insurance sector on the latest industry trends, best practices, recent innovations, and highlights their expertise. We hope this issue of Insurance CIO Outlook helps you build the partnership you and your organisation need to foster an environment driven by robust and efficient technology.

We present to you Insurance CIO Outlook’s “Top 10 InsurTech Startups in Europe - 2020.”

    Top Insurtech Startups in Europe

  • Digital Care is one of the top insurtechs on the market providing solutions for the entire mobile device life cycle - financing the purchase, protection, repair services, buy back, refurbishment. Their business partners include mobile operators, phone manufacturers, retailers, e-commerce and others. They provide unique rent-a-phone programs and work with insurance providers and brokers to deploy innovative and popular device protection that enjoys unprecedented rates of adoption. Their unique product concepts appeal to all customer segments, enabling clients to provide peace of mind to more smart devices owners than ever before. Currently, the company operates in Europe, Middle East and South East Asia, and serves nearly 4 million customers globally

  • Data are the resource for digital evolution; KENDAXA puts them to use. The corporate group achieves that as a fast-growing partner for AI-based data aggregation and data profiling as well as digitisation and automation of corporate processes, using neural networks, deep learning and smart data. Based on the continuously growing service portfolio, additional intelligent applications gradually emerge, encompassed within KENDAXA’s platform [KX-DI]. Generally, KENDAXA’s products and services are cloud-based, they can be easily connected to current client systems and seamlessly integrated into core corporate systems

  • The company’s platform, Penni Connect, supports insurers by giving them the ability to build embeddable insurance widgets in their various applications and websites as well as improved checkout frontend. With strong API capabilities, the platform is built on a framework model that ensures smooth integration with various core systems presently utilised by insurance companies. Penni Connect can be incorporated into existing workflows with minimal downtime and a client is saved the trouble of making too many changes on their end. The platform offers a series of unique advantages that bolsters an insurer’s and their respective distribution partners’ selling capabilities

  • Thinksurance is the leading distribution technology platform for business insurance in Germany. It connects insurers, distributors from several sales channels, and customers on its platform. Thinksurance focuses on improving the functional capabilities of commercial insurance brokers by increasing customer outreach and collaboration, which directly translates to more sales and efficient revenue generation. The company’s platform brings about highly desirable changes by completely digitizing sales processes, saving time and increasing overall productivity. The solution is inspired by distribution technology, data analytics, and artificial intelligence and is built incorporating these innovations. These intuitive features in the platform help brokers overcome two main challenges: quick integration of IT systems after mergers or acquisitions and disparate software tools that are not easily accessible

  • Digital Insurance Group

    Digital Insurance Group

    Digital Insurance Group, DIG, is a leading InsurTech innovator and a next generation technology partner to insurers, banks and brokers. Its data-driven insurance platform enables insurers, banks, brokers and other companies to offer fully integrated insurance solutions to their customers at record speed. DIG is currently active in multiple countries in Europe and Latin America. The company is backed by top US and European VC investors as well as a leading global insurance group. DIG's ultimate goal is to disrupt insurance across the world and positively impact the lives of millions of people by delivering peace of mind when it comes to managing insurance in a truly digital way



    Etvas is a company based in Hamburg, which helps businesses bring added value to their customers. Etvas is a digital marketplace for value-add services. Value-add services complement other products and services to make them more attractive, i.e. Cyber-Monitoring for Cyber-Insurances, Buyback Guarantees for electronic devices or airport lounge access as part of a premium credit card. In our platform, we connect all providers of value-add services with businesses that want to provide more value to their customers for better loyalty and higher income

  • InsurTech Global

    InsurTech Global

    The Company's mission is to craft highly Innovative and Flexible solutions to address Operational, Technological and Regulatory challenges faced by Insurers globally. Their team expertise covers a number of disciplines, such as Actuarial Science, Insurance Accounting & Finance as well as Software Development and Innovative Technologies. Award Winning Cutting Edge, End-to-End Enterprise Modeling Platform, capable of handling Millions of Policies and Thousands of Scenarios with Lightning Speed and Flawless Accuracy. It can run at blazing speed on a standard computer or via our Machine Learning, Cloud Computing platform for unbound speed and power. InsurTech Global also provides a wide range of Professional Consulting Services in Actuarial Science and Risk Management

  • Onegini


    Onegini was founded in 2011 and today supports over two hundred customer labels with over 45 million users, spread over multiple countries. The customer base includes organizations such as AEGON, Coolblue, CZ, TKP, Baloise, Menzis, NS, Van Lanschot and VGZ. With the Onegini-platform, the company offers an omni channel Customer Identity and Access Management solution (CIAM) for the banking, insurance and pension industry. With Onegini, organizations quickly and securely create mobile apps and digital portals for consumers, employers and advisors. They do not have to worry about registration, identification, login and management of the digital identity

  • Tech11


    tech11 is a provider of digital core insurance solutions for the insurance industry in EMEA. The digital platform of tech11 has been designed for fully automated E2E insurance P&C business. The modular solution is driven by a unique container-based microservices architecture and is highly integrable due to a Web services API gateway and comes with modern ES6 based user interfaces. Customizing and integration follows a “zero code” approach driven by Camunda’s BPM engine. Hosting is provided on-premises or cloud-based

  • Zelros


    Zelros is a B2B independent software vendor specialized in the insurance and bancassurance markets